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Post adoption support

This week we spoke to Sioned, from our Truth be Told podcast. Faced with health challenges and the end of a relationship, Sioned decided to embark on the adoption journey by herself. We discussed what it’s like to adopt as a single person, how she’s found life journey work and what adoption has meant to her life.  

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Creating a connection with my child

This week we spoke to Ben, from our Truth be Told podcast. After a busy life working in London, Ben decided to embark on a new chapter and start a family with his partner in Wales.  We discussed the attachment process and how the connection isn’t always instant.  

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Our child's first week at home

This week we spoke to Gareth, from our Truth be Told podcast, who adopted a sibling group of three children with his wife Clare. We discussed how they prepared for bringing not just one, but three children home at once, how they found the transition period and that first meeting with their children.

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What is the adoption matching process like?

This week we spoke to Amanda, from our Truth be Told podcast, who adopted after her birth children had left home. We discussed her experiences with the matching process and what advice she would give to potential adopters starting the process.

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The truth be told: adoption stories – meet the adopters

Whether you’re thinking about adopting, you’ve already done it, or you’re just interested in powerful real-life stories, you don’t want to miss our first ever podcast - The truth be told: adoption stories.

From single adopters and same sex couples to adopters of siblings and older children, the podcast has been created to tell the success stories of a range of adopters in Wales who have experienced the high, lows, and everything in between. No adoption journey is the same, but what brings our adopters together is the love they have for their children.

There will be plenty of laughs and eye-watering moments for you to enjoy.

So, without any further ado – here are the amazing adopters who took part.

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NAS Evaluation of Adoption Support Framework

Are you currently receiving adoption support services in Wales? Or have you in the last couple of years?

If so, we’d like you to consider taking part in a research study which is evaluating how we have been improving adoption support services in Wales. 


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What is the Adoption Barometer?

The Adoption Barometer, published by charity Adoption UK, is the largest survey of adopters in the UK. This year’s report found that Wales has made significant progress since last year’s Barometer, with three Welsh policies scoring ‘good’. We are pleased to have this progress acknowledged and would like to thank the staff in the National Adoption Service across the country for their continued hard work.

Here, Rebecca Brooks, Education Policy Advisor at Adoption UK and author of the report, explains more about the survey and its findings.

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The National Adoption Service Annual Report for 2019/20

The report shows placing children, recruitment of adopters, continued improvement of adoption support services, have all been important activities during 2019/20. The Adoption UK Barometer of adoption services across the UK highlighted significant progress and satisfaction with the development of adoption services in Wales.

The support and financial investment by the Welsh Government during 2019/20 has been welcomed by adopters and the workforce and is making a positive difference.

We thank adopters, children and young people for influencing how services are improved and delivered in Wales. Equally, we thank all staff in the National Adoption Service wales wide for their hard work and dedication.

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How do I know I’m ready to adopt?

How do I know I’m ready to adopt?

Tracy Roberts, senior social worker from Denbighshire

We know that adoption is a big step in your lives, and it’s our job to make it easier for you. Whether you’re a few steps into your adoption process or you have yet to even call an agency, I want to talk about how to know if you’re ready and suitable for adoption.

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‘Sammy the sloth returns to school’

‘Sammy the sloth returns to school’ - Adoption Mid and West Wales release new storybook to support children returning to school.

Lockdown has been a challenging time for many adoptive families across Wales, with many parents having to work from home, whilst entertaining their children and home-schooling.

With the Welsh Government announcement that schools can return in Wales from 29th June, Adoption Mid and West Wales has released some brilliant resources to support parents with the transition back to school.


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Listening to you

The National Adoption Service welcomes feedback from adopters; their children and their families. Nationally and regionally we work alongside Adoption UK Cymru (AUK) to gather these views. I am pleased to make available the 2018/19 overview which helps us to understand what has been working well with adoption services, what we have done to make improvements and what else we need to do.

Suzanne Griffiths


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Nationwide survey for children and young people

Welsh Government and the Children's Commissioner, Sally Holland, have launched a survey about children and young people's experiences of staying at home during lockdown. People who can help to make a difference want to hear about how it's felt for children and young people to be at home because of the Coronavirus and what it's meant for them. The survey, which closes on 27th May, is available for two age ranges and in picture format, it will take only 10 - 15 minutes to complete and children and young people can choose not to answer some questions if they prefer not to.

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Taking the next step

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