269 children matched through the Adoption Register Wales
June 2014 - March 2020
51 children matched through Adoption Exchange Days

6 children matched through Wales first Adoption Activity Day
March 2017
17 expressions of interests from families who attended the fourth Adoption Activity Day
March 2020


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Adoption Register Wales

As an online family finding tool and data service the new Adoption Register Wales is now more fully embedded in services across Wales and continues to identify adoptive placements for a large number of children. Over the past year 60 children found permanent families through the register and many more prospective adopters are now signed up. For further information about this and other family finding events and activities held during the year see the 2019 - 2020 Annual Report attached – Link

Finding placements for children in Wales.

Adoption Register Wales is the national statutory linking and family-finding register hosted by the National Adoption Service for Wales for the Welsh Government.  It provides a unique service to support Welsh adoption agencies in their family-finding for children and prospective adopters. 

Adoption Register Wales is run by an experienced and dedicated team who has developed collaborative working relationships with all Adoption Agencies across Wales to tackle delays for children waiting for an adoptive family and raise awareness of the importance of proactive and timely family finding for children.

We manage the Adoption Register database; details of children that need families and of people approved to adopt are kept on this. Our experienced team identify potential matches between children and prospective adopters through close and regular communication with agencies to ensure children and families are given the best opportunity to be successfully matched.  We search for links for all children and adopters on our Register at least once a week, both through our matching database and through looking at all profiles of available children and adopters.

Alongside this we also work closely with Adoption Agencies, practitioners and adopters, this includes linking through discussion with practitioners as well as other activities such as hosting Adoption Exchange Days and Adoption Activity Days.

Information and Privacy Notice

Legal background

The Adoption and Children Act, 2002 (Joint Adoption Arrangements) (Wales) (Amendment) Directions 2019 require both Local Authority and Voluntary Adoption Agencies to provide a child’s and adopter’s details to the Adoption Register Wales if no decision to match has been made within one month of the date on which the local authority was authorised to place a child for adoption or within one month of the approval of the adopter. 


Our history

We launched our service in June 2014 to provide a wider pool of prospective adopters for children in need of an adoptive placement and whose local authorities have been unable to find a placement locally.  It enables potential matches to be identified much more quickly than would be the case if this facility were not available across Welsh adoption agencies and provides the mechanism for children who meet specified criteria to be linked to the Registers in other parts of the UK.

Family-finding Events

We hold a range of innovative family finding activities. These events provide opportunities for prospective adopters to be more proactive and gives adopters direct access to information about children waiting to be matched. We also work closely with adoption agencies to provide best practice guidance on profiling children.



What people say about Adoption Register Wales

"Totally invaluable and fantastic day and we feel all prospective adopters should be able to attend."
Adoption Activity Day


"Gain a better understanding of children, unique experience to make a connection with a child."
Adoption Activity Day


"The children enjoyed the day and that was the main priority – Fun Day for children!"
Foster Carer,
Adoption Activity Day


"A great way forward for family-finding.  It was extremely relaxed and easy"
Social Worker,
Adoption Activity Day


"The meetings provide an opportunity for social workers from all regions to discuss children waiting – often leading to positive placements for children"
Adoption Manager,
regarding Practitioner Meetings held by Adoption Register Wales


"I have found these sessions very useful and informative and do appreciate the time and effort that you have put into them."
VAA regarding meetings with Adoption Register Wales


"Having these exchange days are so beneficial for adopters. Thank you!"
Exchange Day event


"Brilliant. It was very useful and very enjoyable."
Exchange Day event


"It was good for adopters to see the children waiting and the reality of children’s needs and the amount of children. Well organised."
Social Worker,
Exchange Day event


"...the exchange day was a very positive event for our agency as it resulted in 3 children from wales being matched with 2 of our adoptive families"
Adoption Manager, Exchange Day event     



We collect vital Wales-only statistics in relation to children and adopters. By running in tandem with the National Adoption Service’s Performance Management Framework, we are able to map current adoption practice and activity.

The overview data and trends’ analysis provided by the Register are the building blocks for strategic planning at regional and national level. Not only does this provide information for targeted marketing and recruitment campaigns but also informs the required resource and capacity management to ensure life-long adoption services.

Other information

Adopters' Helpline

We offer an Adopters' Helpline operated by Register staff five days a week between 9.00am and 1.00pm. Out of hours calls are captured using voicemail and responded to the next working day.

The telephone number is 029 2087 3799.


Arrangements with other UK Registers

Adoption Register Wales maximises opportunities for children and prospective adopters, through referral to other UK Registers where this is appropriate through the Inter-Register Referral Protocol with England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, which has been designed to enable the Registers Managers of each region to accept and make referrals.  



Contact Us

Contact us:

Adoption Register Wales

029 2087 3799


Adoption Register Wales - Communication Bulletin

Adoption Exchange Days

Contact us for further details.

Practitioner Meetings

All adoption agencies are represented; to share good practice, profiles and to family-find for all children waiting on the Register.

Voluntary Adoption Agencies in Wales

Held at the Register, where we explore potential links and provide updates.

Taking the next step

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