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Welsh Early Permanence is the care planning option that provides a child with a secure base as early as possible, when weeks and months really do matter; it enables healthy brain development and attachment through safe, predictable relationships with sensitive adults, and minimises the distressing moves that cause further trauma. WEP is the umbrella term given to the practice of placing children, with foster carers who are also approved as prospective adoptive parents. The WEP carer supports the child in the same way as other mainstream foster carers, undertaking all fostering tasks, including facilitating contact. If the child’s care plan becomes that of adoption, WEP carers have the capacity to go on to offer that child a long-term permanent home.

In Wales, WEP is a growing area of practice underpinned by the WEP framework. Our national framework along with all the supporting documents you need when thinking about care planning can be found below.

Welsh Early Permanence Framework

This good practice guide has been produced by AFKA Cymru on behalf of the National Adoption Service.


The National Adoption Service recognises the importance of sharing practice as we build our experience working under the WEP framework. In this section you will find a range of information dedicated to supporting practice learning within your service area.

WEP Practice learning: Professionals Discussion - YouTube

WEP: Feedback from social work professionals 
WEP Practice learning: Professionals Discussion - YouTube

This interview was filmed in April 2023, with the aim of sharing some of the first case management experience in Wales undertaken within the WEP Framework. In the video you will hear the reflections from the adoption, fostering and childcare social workers who have supported a child under a WEP care plan, with WEP carers Laura and Jonny. This video aims to provide an insight for practitioners and teams who are looking to develop WEP in their service area. It offers an opportunity to hear firsthand the positives of supporting a WEP carer plan and the challenges that may arise along the way as professionals begin to implement WEP practice.

WEP practice development: Parents Interview - YouTube

Becoming WEP Carers 
WEP practice development: Parents Interview - YouTube

WEP Carer’s: Laura and Jonny’s Story.  

‘there was uncertainty, but we really valued the time with our son early on, experiencing his firsts and forming a bond…….its was of great value for our son and his attachments within our family’

In this video you will hear from parents, Laura and Jonny, who came forward to grow their family through adoption but choose to do this via the route of Welsh Early Permanence. As some of the first carers in Wales to be approved under the WEP Framework, Laura and Jonny demonstrated a strong commitment to caring for their son whilst decisions were being made about his future. In this video they share their journey through the fostering and adoption process and provide their personal insights into the positives and challenges WEP has brought for them and their family.

WEP Carer's: Louise & Adam's Story 

Louise and Adam are adoptive parents to two wonderful little boys, Jack aged 3 and George just 8 months old. Their journey is unique, as they are one of the first families in Wales to support a child through Welsh Early Permanence. Louise and Adam have been kind enough to share their journey, providing valuable insight into their experiences, of WEP as second time adopters.


Please see attached the WEP Spring 2024 Newsletter, with updates on the progress of WEP throughout Wales.

For further information and enquiries about WEP please contact Laura Betts at laura.betts@adoptcymru.com.

These downloadable resources are part of the Welsh Early Permanence: A Framework for Practice.

Practitioners are encouraged to use these source materials to support their practice.




Download link


Section 1

Flowchart 1: 
Overview for Practitioners


Flowchart 1



Section 2

Recorded E-modules


2a E-module for Practitioners


2b E-module for Adoption and Fostering Panels


2c E-module for the Judiciary 


2d E-module for Family and Friends 



Flowchart 2:
Care Planning and Referral


Flowchart 2


Section 3

WEP Child Referral

Word template

Child Referral Form



Section 4

WEP Matching

Word template

Matching Framework


Matching Certificate



Section 5

WEP Placement

Word template

Delegated Authority Agreement


Foster Care Agreement


Placement Plan



Section 6

Recruitment, Preparation, Assessment and Approval of Prospective Adopters

Powerpoint slides

What is WEP.ppt


pdf (leaflet)

WEP Info for adoptive parents


Flowchart 3:
Applicants preparation and approval


Flowchart 3



Flowchart 4:
Linking, matching and placements


Flowchart 4



Information for Referees

Word document

Information for Referees


WEP Carers and Finances

Word document

WEP Carers and Finances


Section 7

Preparation, Assessment and Approval of WEP carers

Online webinar

Fostering Training webinar


WEP Addendum Report for Fostering Panel

Word template

30 Addendum Report


WEP Checklist for FSW and ASW

Word template

31 WEP Checklist



WEP Monitoring tool for approvals and support

Word template

32 Monitoring Tool



Section 8

Information for Parents

pdf (leaflet)

WEP-Info for Parents-1


pdf (leaflet)

WEP-Info for Parents-2


pdf (leaflet)

WEP-Info for Parents-3



Recorded E-module


WEP E module for parents English - YouTube 


Information for Parents’ Legal Representatives

pdf (leaflet)

36 WEP Info for legal representatives


Child Care Practitioner checklist

Word template

37 Child Care Practitioner checklist


Section 9

Child’s return to parents or wider family

Word template

39 Carers Review (template 1)

Word template

40 Fostering Resignation Letter


Section 10

Following Placement Order Decision

Word template

42 Carers Review (template 2)




All Wales Addendum Report

Word template Addendum Report




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