Louise & Adam

Louise and Adam are adoptive parents to two wonderful little boys, Jack aged 3 and George just 8 months old. Their journey is unique, as they are one of the first families in Wales to support a child through Welsh Early Permanence. Louise and Adam have been kind enough to share their journey, providing valuable insight into their experiences, of WEP as second time adopters.

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"When I first enquired about adopting I really didn't know anything about what an adopter needed." "As a single parent adopter, I assumed that social services would be concerned with my finances but it really wasn't the case at all." "I wasn't made to feel like I didn't have enough or couldn't give enough." "What you really need to be able to do is offer a secure and loving home to a child and if you can do that then you will be considered for adoption."

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"You need to give a child a lot of love, affection and attention. Make sure you nurture that child. A child doesn't want materialistic things. That child wants to know that it's loved and you're there for them and will keep them safe."

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"Before we started the adoption process, I had the perception that adopters were some sort of super parents, but quickly realised that isn't what the service is looking for at all. To be an adopter you need to be able provide the routine, stability and patience a child needs."

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Jamie Baulch

"I never really wanted to talk about being adopted before because the time wasn't right. Now I'm happy to tell everyone how amazing my upbringing has been. I'm older and wiser and I look back on my life and realise how magical and fantastic it has been."

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"Our birth son helped us through that process as well, helped us realise that families are made up in all different ways, all different stages and different types, and this was just how our family was going to be made up"

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