“Before we started the adoption process, I had the perception that adopters were some sort of super parents, but quickly realised that isn’t what the service is looking for at all. To be an adopter you need to be able provide the routine, stability and patience a child needs."

“I think I thought when I made the first call to the service it was going to be very pressurised, but they go at your pace when you need them to.”

“The process does challenge you at times, but it is necessary to prepare you for the arrival of your child and give you time to bond with them, just like I imagine it would be during a pregnancy.

“My weekends are a lot different to the way they used to be, they are a lot more fun! You don’t really know if adoption is going to be for you until you do it, so I would urge anyone thinking about it to just pick up the phone and find out more."

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