"I genuinely forget I'm adopted, that's the level of love I've been given."


What was your experience of being part of an adoptive family?

Growing up with my brothers and sisters I didn't feel there was any difference, and there is no difference even now. I love my brother, I love my sisters, I love my Mum and Dad, we just love each other. We're a very close family. You wouldn't know, except to look at us, that we are not 'related'. We are related, we may not be blood but we're everything else. I know it sounds a bit daft, but I think if I hadn't have been with these people I may not have been who I am today. They showed me the same support and dedication when I started doing athletics as they did to my brother and sisters whilst they were growing up. I'm very lucky! I actually love them as my Mum and Dad, there's no difference to any other family.


How did you join your family?

My parents had my oldest brother David and my Mother was told she wouldn't be able to have any more children. They wanted to have a bigger family, so they adopted my oldest sister Sarah, then dramatically my mother became pregnant, which they weren't expecting! They had my sister Lucy, and then to even things out they adopted me! I always make a bit of a joke out of it. I used to say I bet I was the little runt of the pack, when you went down the line you must of thought he's a little cutie with his angelic little afro! Back in the seventies I was referred to as a problem child because I was mixed race. They gave me this life that I would never have had, it's testimony to how amazing my parents are really.


As an adult now, how do you feel about being adopted?

Everyone says to me wouldn't you want to know your past. I say no, I want to know my future! My Mum and Dad were there when I was at the Olympics, and when I was told off at school. They've always been there so I haven't had to look left and right. I've never really had to search, and I think the reason for that is that I've had so much love and attention. I genuinely forget I'm adopted, that's the level of love I've been given. I never really wanted to talk about being adopted before because the time wasn't right, whereas now I'm happy to tell everyone how amazing my upbringing has been. Now I'm older and wiser I look back on my life and realise how magical and fantastic it has been.


"I want the world to know how much I love my Mum and Dad."

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