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The Stay Calm Project aims to develop a parent-report questionnaire that captures emotional outbursts in children and young people aged 6 to 25 years. Emotional outbursts are also known as 'temper outbursts', 'meltdowns', 'tantrums', etc., and they can be a source of significant distress for some families. 


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Connected Children and Young Peoples Service Cymru

Connected is the name of our Children and Young People Service in Wales. At present we run these bespoke monthly sessions for adopted children age 7- 10 and young people age 11 – 25 years old. Our monthly groups aim to improve children and young peoples’ self-confidence, build self-esteem and reduce the sense of isolation which some adopted children experience and also develop life skills.  We achieve this by offering a range of activities such as art, drama, circus skills, healthy eating/cooking and music sessions to name but a few.

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User guide – Adoption Register Wales

The Adoption Register for Wales is funded by Welsh Government and hosted by the National Adoption Service. It is for all approved Adopters and for children with a plan for Adoption. It is a fully bilingual online service which aims to assist in the matching process and reduce delay for children waiting for adoption. The National Guidelines and User Guides for both practitioners and adopters will assist in the consistent use of the Adoption Register for Wales.

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Contact and children's rights!

Contact between brothers and sisters following care proceedings can often be disjointed - and at worst, non-existent, particularly where different arrangements are in place for different children from a family group as agreed by the court. In practice, much depends on the willingness of the adults involved to facilitate contact that is agreed - and this can often fall down, particularly as time goes on.

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Adoption Awareness

In consultation with adoptive families across Wales, the National Adoption Service has identified areas where healthcare professionals in primary and secondary care services can positively contribute to the wellbeing of adopted children, young people and their families by understanding more about some of the challenges that adopted young people often face as they are growing up. In response to this consultation we have created leaflets and posters that may be helpful for you to download and share.

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This is an exciting time for adoption services in Wales and the National Adoption Service for Wales central team is recruiting to two key posts, as we continue improve adoption services across Wales

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Taking the next step

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