Faith met her husband ten years ago and adopting children had always been in their plans. After several miscarriages the couple, decided the time was right for them to adopt. 

The couple had begun researching adoption before going on their honeymoon to Norway. During their trip they also decided to explore fertility treatment, but after an unsuccessful attempt, they decided they would get back to Wales and begin their adoption journey. 

In 2022, the couple adopted a large sibling group. 

This is Faith’s story… 

Me and my husband always wanted to adopt at least one child. We decided to try and have a child naturally but unfortunately, I suffered multiple miscarriages. My last miscarriage was particularly difficult, and I had to take time off work. 

“We began looking into fertility treatment but realised it was quite expensive in the UK and found it was cheaper in Norway. We decided to go on our honeymoon to Norway and at the same time see a doctor who specialised in fertility issues. 

“The doctor told us that I had polycystic ovary syndrome and thyroid issues which meant I couldn’t carry a child. It explained why after 12 weeks, I would be suffering a miscarriage. Immediately, we realised that adoption had to become a reality and we spent the rest of our honeymoon, researching into adoption and the practicalities around it. 

“When we got back from our honeymoon, we got in touch with our local adoption region Vale Valleys and Cardiff (VVC) and began the adoption process. 

“Our social worker told us there were several children waiting to be adopted, particularly sibling groups. This made us re-think how many children we were looking to adopt, and we told our social worker we’d be happy to adopt two or three children. 

 “When our social worker told us there were a group of siblings with more than three children waiting to be adopted, we hesitated at first as we weren’t sure if we’d be able to accommodate a large family. Our adoption agency supported us and the local authority for the children agreed to offer some financial support. 

“Once we agreed to adopt siblings, we found the process easy and it moved quickly, but when we were sent pictures of the children it was emotional for us - they were so adorable, and I wanted them to be mine already. 

“The whole process took over a year and the moment we became a family was so special because it felt like a moment we had waited for forever. The first morning we were together, we had bacon sandwiches, and everyone was joking and laughing, it was such a special moment. 

“One of my favourite moments as a family was how eager my eldest child was to start school. During the summer holidays, he told us how he was desperate to start school and make new friends. I got in touch with the school, and they allowed him to start a few weeks earlier to get used to his new surroundings. By the second week of term, he became the class counsellor and would come home every day with stories to tell and would be brimming with confidence. 

“They have blessed our lives in more ways than I have ever been. I have never been more fulfilled than I am now by being a mum to these beautiful children. They mean more to me than they will ever know. 

“Although it was tough to adapt to a larger family, having siblings was incredible as they look after each other. They know that we are all in it together and are happy and content with being in our family. 

“One thing we did find tough was the amount of housework and how loud our house became. We went from a family of two, to a large family and we knew it would take time to adapt. 

“Luckily, my family are very supportive, and my husband has also adapted his work routine, so we are able to support each other. 

“Your life is going to change, but my god, it’s going to change in far more positive ways. There’s no comparison”. 


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