The story of adoption is best told by the people who have experienced the process, whose reality it is. Right now there are people who may not have thought about adoption or may be considering it, but feel unsure, doubtful, insecure. They need to hear your story to feel that, with support, they could complete their family story too.

The Adoption Champions will have an important role in promoting adoption by sharing how it positively changes their lives, what difference it made to the lives of children they adopted and encouraging and empowering others to consider adoption with an open mind.

The Adoption Champions will have a role in sharing their experiences, helping others take a step forward and promoting adoption services. There are many ways of telling your story, and whatever you feel confident about, we will be there to help. This could be by taking part in an interview, speaking at events (like one we are planning for the National Adoption Week in October), or writing blogs for our website.  We will respect your choice of how the information you share can be used and will always ask for your permission to use it.

We are looking for adopters who would be able to give the voice of adoption across Wales. Please, get in touch at so that we can talk to you further.

Taking the next step

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