We’re celebrating our first five years with the launch of a new campaign, The Parent You Could Be.

Featuring real adopters, the campaign sets out to encourage people from all walks of life to become a parent through adoption.

Since 2014, NAS has supported more than 1,630 children in Wales to find the right family for them.

The Parent You Could Be is a national campaign led by adopters of different ages, backgrounds, abilities and sexual orientations to help the service continue to successfully match families.

Real people who have been through adoption are sharing their experiences - what they thought before they started and what they’ve learnt about themselves through the process - to dispel some of the myths that are putting people off adopting.

“We’ve achieved so much in five years and are grateful to all of the regional and voluntary adoption services as well as partner agencies which have already made a huge difference to people that are affected by adoption in Wales. Most importantly, however, we are grateful to the hundreds of adoptive parents who have come forward from all walks of life.

“Our goal is to draw on the expertise and knowledge we have built over the past five years to reach even more potential adopters in Wales and ensure that we can continue to find families for children to will help them thrive.

“There are some misconceptions about who can adopt but there really isn’t a one size fits all approach. It’s all dependent on the individual. The main things they can offer a child are time, patience, and security, as well as love.

“We hope that by showcasing our adopters who come from all walks of life, we can help others to realise the potential in themselves to be a great parent and make that call to their local adoption agency to find out more.”

Suzanne Griffiths, Director of Operations for the National Adoption Service

We are looking for more people like the adopters in the campaign who are ready to fulfill their potential of becoming a parent to come forward and talk to their local agency about adoption.

Become the parent only you could be.

Talk to us today.

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