“Who we are is defined by the pattern of relationships that we find ourselves in. We may have an identity all of our own but the memories, feelings, experiences associated with the relationships we have or had are central to the way we define ourselves- and that includes where these memories, feelings or experiences are good or bad” Simmonds, 2008.

The journey from birth family to adoption inevitably involves transition for the child. These are accompanied by feelings of loss and grief and the need to capture one’s history. Research has highlighted that the move from foster care to adoption is fraught with complexities, and managing the relationships at these times can be challenging.

In organising this conference the National Adoption Service for Wales seeks to grow our understanding of how we can best provide a secure base for the child and support for all those working, and caregiving for the child during the transitions they experience and particularly from foster carer to adoption.

This work is grounded in contemporary information and research from across the UK and wider including a study conducted in Wales. Significantly, this improvement agenda is driven by the invaluable contribution of young people, adopters, foster carers, regional adoption services and the third sector.

This event is supported by Welsh Government grant aid to help Welsh services and practitioners develop research based practice in adoption support.

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